BBB Courses

BBB offers freshman seminars, courses which offer first- and second-semester students the opportunity to delve into a particular area of neuroscience.  The small group setting is ideal for students to have the opportunity to engage in discussions with BBB faculty about their area of research.  Freshman seminars are numbered below the 100-level.

Courses at the 100-level

Courses at the 100-level are generally introductory courses at Penn.  BBB 109, Introduction to Brain and Behavior, is no exception.  This course provides an overview of a variety of subjects within the field of neuroscience and is designed for the student considering a major in BBB or who is simply interested in the neural sciences and behavior.

BBB 200- and 300-level courses

BBB 200- and 300-level courses allow the student to pursue specific areas of interest in the field of neuroscience.  BBB 200-level courses are generally lecture-based, while some 300-level courses allow the student to begin to engage in research.

BBB 400-level courses

BBB 400-level courses are designed to give students the opportunity to further specialize their knowledge through interaction with professors in a small-group setting.  These seminars are normally based on reading of primary literature and may incorporate longer writing assignments and/or presentations which aim to develop critical thinking skills.  Students are encouraged to choose 400-level seminars that complement their research pursuits.